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Rockwool Insulation Materials

 Rockwool / Stone wool is a fibrous material formed by spinning of molten mineral or rock material such as rock, slag.

LRB Mattresses

Product Details:

Rockwool Insulation mattress is lightly resin bonded mineral fibers faced one side with hexagonal galvanized or stainless steel wire netting.

LRB Mattress is a flexible material having firm structure reinforced due to wire mesh. Rockwool Insulation mattress is non-combustible in nature.

Densities (Kg/M3) 70-160
Dimensions 1.22 Mts W , 1.52/1.64 /3-5 Mts L
Thicknesses in (mm) 25,40,60,50,75,100
USES: Insulation of

  • Vessels
  • Towers of Chemical Process plants
  • Steam Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Storage tank
  • Pipeline

Rockwool Slab

Product Details:

Rockwool Slabs are semi rigid and rigid boards manufactured from stable stone fiber bonded with thermosetting resin binder.

Rockwool Slabs are available un-faced or faced with Glass reinforced Aluminum Foil / Kraft paper laminated facing and Black Fiber Glass Tissue.

Densities in (Kg/M3) 48 / 64/ 96/ 120 / 144/ 160
Dimensions 0.600/ 0.500 Mts W ( 1 /1.2 Mts L)
Thicknesses in (mm) 25 – 200 mm
  • Thermal Acoustic Insulation
  • Residential & commercial buildings
  • Interior walls / Dry wall partitions
  • Curing Ovens / Dryers
  • Industrial application where fire safety is a concern

Rockwool Pipe Section

Product Details:

Rockwool Pipe sections are made from non-combustible, inorganic rock fiber and are suitable for the insulation of small and large diameter heating and ventilation pipes.

Rockwool Pipe is also available in facing of Glass Fiber reinforced Aluminum Foil/ Kraft Paper Laminates and ALG.

Densities (Kg/M3) 100, 128, 130, 136, 144
Dimensions 1, 1.2, 1.25 Mt L
Pipe Diameter in (Inch) ½” to 18 “
Thicknesses in (mm) 25 – 100 mm
  • Insulation of steam pipe
  • Hot water pipes
  • Oil Pipe line

Mineral Wool

Product Details:

Mineral wool is also known by the name of slag wool. Mineral Wool is an ideal material for most insulation application due to its favorable characteristics for application. It is fire proof , dirt proof and water repellent.

Mineral Wool has low thermal conductivity. Mineral wool is fibrous material having number of enormous minute air cell.

Material Slag Wool
Dimensions Loose Bulk Packing
Packing 40 Kg
Max. Withstand Temperature 750 Deg C
  • Cavity Insulation
  • High temperature insulation
  • Turbine Casing insulation
  • Boiler insulation
  • Steam and hot water pipe Insulation

Rockwool Building Roll

Product Details:

Building Roll are manufactured from Stable Stone wool Bonded with thermosetting resin binder. The Stone wool fiber are fine and uniformly distributed to ensure consistent properties in the building roll. Compliance with IS 8183 , ASTM & BS

Facings :
Rock wool Building roll are available with ALG and Aluminum foil facing, which provides an efficient vapor barrier. Kraft paper facing is also available.

Densities (Kg/M3) 36,48,64
Dimensions 1.2 Mt W with Overlap, 5 tp 10 Mtr L
Thicknesses in (mm) 40- 100 mm
  • Wall & Roofs ( under & over purling) of Pre-engineering buildings
  • Pre-fabricated houses
  • Poultry farms
  • HVAC Ducting
  • Industrial application where fire safety is a concern

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