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Insulation Jacketing

The key role of Jacketing is to control penetration of weather element and ingress of water. It also provides mechanical strength to the insulation the jacket also serves to establish the system emissivity and appearance.

While selecting insulation jacketing must consider the mechanical, thermal, chemical and moisture conditions of the installation. Cost and aesthetical requirement also has to be considered.

Metallic Jacketing

Insulation is covered by metal jacketing like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Coated steel, Aluminized steel, Galvalume steel, and Zinc galvanized steel. Metal jackets come lined with bonded polykraft paper or polysurlyn.

1.1 Aluminum Plain Sheet


Product Details:

Aluminum sheet are widely used in fabricating metal Insulation jacketing. Aluminum is light weight, flexible to fabricate easily at site and has good resistance to corrosion. Apart from this Aluminum has many characteristics due to which it is commonly used as a insulation jacketing metal.

18 1.22 3.32
20 0.91 2.47
22 0.71 1.93
24 0.56 1.52
26 0.46 1.25
  • Longer Life
  • Easy to Fabricate
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • No Creep or Damage

1.2 Aluminum Corrugated Sheet

Product Details:

Aluminum sheet are widely used in fabricating metal Insulation jacketing. Aluminum is light weight and having good resistance to corrosion.

The term corrugated, describing a series of parallel ridges or furrows. There are two types of corrugation, circular and trapezoidal. Corrugation describe in terms of, pitch and depth, It is important that depth and the pitch to be quite uniform to be easily stackable and to overlap neatly on joints

Standard Width 795 mm, 920mm, 1044 mm 800mm, 950mm, 1250mm
Preferable Width 1044 mm 1250 mm
Length As per your requirement As per your requirement
Thickness Available 1.22mm,0.91mm,0.71mm,0.56mm 1.22mm,0.91mm,0.71mm,0.56mm
Preferable Thickness 0.71mm (22 – gauge) 0.71mm (22 – gauge)
  • Aluminum sheet has good
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Durable and versatile
  • Maintenance Free
  • Recyclable
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy to Install
  • Flexible
  • Aluminum Corrugated Sheet has excellent Formability
  • Non combustible non flammable.
  • When Aluminum corrugated sheet is exposed to air/ water a hard oxide film will form to protect against any atmospheric conditions and effectively stifles the rate of further attack.

1.3 Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet

Product Details:

Aluminum Stucco sheet has rugged surface which reduce light reflection and glare, due to its embossed pattern which reduces vibrations’ it provides additional mechanical strength to the sheet

  • Longer Life
  • Easy to Fabricate
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • No Creep or Damage

1.4 PolyKraft & Polysulyn Coated Aluminum Sheet


Product Details:

Aluminum sheet coated with moisture retarders: Layer of plastic film or other material applied to the inner side of metal jacketing to inhibit jacket corrosion by interfering with the formation of a galvanic cell between the dissimilar metal of the pipe and jacket or by preventing crevice corrosion.

Aluminum with Poly Kraft Coating: A multilayer composite film used as s moisture retarder on metal jacketing consisting of at least one layer of minimum 40 LB Kraft Paper and one or more layers of plastic film, usually polyethylene at a minimum thickness of 1.5 mils.

Aluminum Sheet coated with Polysurlyn : A multilayer film used as a moisture retarder on jacketing consisting of at least one layer of acid copolymer surlyn and one or more layers of other polymers, usually polyethylene.

Physical Property Of Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier And ASTM Test Method Value ASTM C1729 Requirement
Pinholes, C1729, number per 50 ft2 3 mil (76) 3 mil (76)
0 <5
Water Vapor Transmission Rate F1249, 0/100% r. h., 730 F (g/100 ind – day) 0.048 d <0.1
Water Vapour Transmission Rate F1249, 0/100% r. h. , 1000 F (g/100 ind – day) 0.19 d

2 Stainless Steel


Product Details:

Stainless steel are notable for their corrosion resistance, Which increases with increasing chromium content. Addition of Molybdenum increase corrosion resistance in reducing acids and against pitting attack in chloride solutions. Thus there are numerous grade of stainless steel with varying chromium and molybdenum contents to suit the environment the alloy must endure.

Stainless steels resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, and familiar luster make it an ideal material for many applications where both the strength of steel and corrosion resistance is required.*

Normally available in two grades

  1. SS 304
  2. SS 316

3 Aluminum Foil

Product Details:

Aluminum foil is used

1) As a Vapor Barrier

2) For the Corrosion Protection over SS Surface.

Vapor Barrier: In cold Insulation Process to avoid sweating or condensation. Aluminum foil is used in between insulation and jacketing application as a vapour barrier.

Corrosion Protection over SS Surface: Aluminum Foil is applied before Insulation over the surface of Stainless steel vessel / pipes to avoid corrosion. SS Surface when directly come in contact to mineral it cause corrosive action to avoid this foil is applied.

Aluminum Foil 7 micron
Adhesive 8 g/M2
Tri-way Fiber Glass 8/100 mm (MD)
12/100 mm (XD)
Flame Retardent Draft 65 G/M2
Basic Weight 80 G/M2
Tensile Strength 3.5 kn/m(MD)
3.3 kn.m (XD)
Burst Strength 200 KPA
Water Resistance No lekage Phenomenon
Low Temperature Resistance -40 Deg C
High Temperature Resistance 116 Deg C
Resistance Thickness 130 Microns

Non Metallic Jacketing


Product Details:

Other than metals, thermoplastic and flexible fabrics are also important jacketing material.


Thermoplastic jackets are generally not preferred due to their poor resistance of fire, how ever wide variety of fabric made from Fiber Glass & Ceramic with special coatings are used in different types of jacketing over insulation.

4.1 Fiber Glass Mesh



Product Details:

The thin, continous and multi fiber filaments are process through reinforcment and woven to form fiberglass fabric.

This fiber glass fabric is light weight and versatile material with high heat resistance.

Material Fiber Glass
Type Mesh
Colour Silver
Thickness 5 mill
5 Mill Thickness 150 GSM
Type of Weave Plain
  • Fiber Glass mesh is widely used as a insulation jacketing material in combination of UV Paint
  • Used as a Vapor Barrier
  • Gasketing
  • Expansion joints

4.2 Fiber Glass Cloth

Product Details:

Fiber Glass cloth is a prime elementary material made up of reinforcement of fiber glass yarn .

Fiber Glass cloth is light weight, versatile and non combutible material having properties of heat and corrosion resistance.

Material Fiber Glass
Type Cloth
Colour Silver
Thickness 7mill
5 Mill Thickness 200 GSM
Width 40”
Type of Weave Plain Woven
Packing Roll Form
  • Fiber Glass Cloth is widely used as a insulation jacketing material in combination of UV Paint
  • Used as a Vapor Barrier
  • High Temperature Insulation
  • Air Craft and Chemical Industries

4.3 Silicon Coated Fiber Glass Fabric


Product Details:

High quality fiber glass fabric is coated with flame retardant silicon rubber coating on one side two side. The fabric is superior for many application that requires chemical resistance, water proofing, fire proof, high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation properties.

  • Removable thermal insulation
  • Pads and covers
  • Fabric Duct work connector
  • Fire Doors and Fire & smoke curtains
  • Insulation jackets
  • Fabric Expansion joints
  • Welding/Fire Blankets
  • Other Fire control system

4.4 Bitumen Laminated Hessian Cloth


Product Details:

Bitumen laminated hessian cloth which is bonded with pastic with the help of Bitumen. Bitumenous Laminated Hessian Cloth is widely used for the purpose of packing of textile and non-textile products, specially for protecting costly equipment and goods from humidity and moisture during storage and transportation.

Grades Width Quality of Hessian Cloth in OZ Approx Weight (GSM) of Cloth only Length of Roll
38”(96.50 cm) 5 OZ 168 100 Yards
39”(99 cm) 5.5 OZ 153 100 Yards
40”(102 cm ) 7 OZ 210 100 Yards
44” (112 cm) 7 OZ 210 100 Yards
  • Widely used for the purpose of packing of costly equipment and goods.
  • Also used as a covering or vapor barrier in Thermal Insulation process to protect equipment /pipeline from moisture and humidity.




Product Details:

CAT – 9 is asbestos free inorganic mineral fiber combined with hydraulic cement annd chemically inert fillers.

CAT-9 Cement combines with water to form a general purpose protective coating with self-setting properties.

Applied Density 1200 to 1250 Kg/M3
Box density 750 to 800 KgM3
Wet Covering Capacity Approx 62 Sq. Mt per MT 12 mm thickness
125 Sq. Mt per MT for 6 mm thickness
Resistance to impact 20-24 mm
Resistance to Compression 4500-5000 KN/M2
Flexural strength 2800-3100 KN/M2
Shrinkage 0.18% maximum
Initial Set With in 24 Hours
Final set 20-25 days after laying
Drying Time 48 Hours under Normal Condition up to 72 Hours under cold humid conditions
Temprature range Up to 700 Deg C
Packing 50 Kg Polythene lines hessian Bags
  • Used in Thermal Insulation of :
  • Steam Turbines
  • Vessels
  • Tanks
  • Pipe work
  • Chemical process plants
  • Gas Ducts

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