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Insulation Ancillaries

Insulation ancillary are the supporting tools& tackles required during the insulation application.

These tools generally used to provide support to insulation or jacketing.

1 Lacing Wire GI - SS

Product Details:

GI Wire /SS Wire is used for lacing Insulation Material over there surface of equipment or pipe line for the support. Generally 20 G GI wire is widely used for lacing.

2 GI Wire netting

Product Details:

GI Wire netting is used to cover loose Insulation material or Blanket/ Boards to provide mechanical strength to the structure.

Insulation material is filled in Wire netting and than both the ends of wire netting is laced by GI Wire.

Dimentions :

  • 3/4″ X 24 G X1.22 Mt W X 45 Mt L
  • 3/4″ X 24 G X 0.900 Mt W X 25 Mt L

3 GI Weld Mesh

Product Details:

GI Weld Mesh is generally used in Under Deck to support insulation weld mesh also provides mechanical strength to the structure.

  • Size : 4 Ft X 100 Ft , 3″ X 3″ X 1.6 mm.

4 Sheet Metal Screw

Product Details:

Sheet Metal Screws are used to support & secure cladding and to seal the joints. It is available in MS as well as SS MOC with and without neoprene washers.

  • Size : 13 X8 & 19 X 8.

5 Aluminum - SS Bands

Product Details:

Aluminum / SS bands are applied over insulation and jacketing at a particular distance. It will tighten the insulation over the surface and provide strength in critical atmospheric conditions.

Available in following sizes :

  1. 19 /12 mm X 24 SWG
  2. 19/ 12 mm X 22 SWG

6 Insulation Pins

Product Details:

Insulation pins are widely used to support insulation over verticle structure or for underdeck applications.

Available in plain/ perforated and self adhesive type with washer.

Sheth Insulations Private Limited is supplier of insulation pins and washers. The company has been in business since 1981, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Sheth Insulations provides premium quality products to customers at competitive prices. Our aim to supply quality insulated products which are required in various industries for their safe functioning.