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Flexible foam Insulation

1 Polyolefin Foam Insulation

Product Details:

`Polyolefin is general term used for compound of olefin as a monomer. Polyolefin foams are composed of several materials that have been mix together to form a compound structure. Basically these are organic blowing agent and crosslink agent mixed together to form polyolefin Resin.

1.1 XLPE Sheets & Tubings

Product Details:

XLPE is Chemically cross link polyethylene, which is monomer of ethylene olefin. XLPE is Closed cell fire retardant polyethylene foam used for much insulation application. It is available in both Sheet and Tube form.

It is also available with facing of Aluminum Foil, Fiber glass cloth or UV barrier

Densities (Kg/M3) 30 +/- 3
Cell structure Closed Cell
Pipe Diameter ¼” to 4” ( 6 mm to 100 mm)
Thicknesses in (mm) 6,9,13,19,25,32 (Tubes and Sheet)
Dimensions 1.25 Mt W (varies from 10 Mts to 30 Mts )
Temperature Range -40 Deg C to 115 Deg C
Thermal Conductivity 0.032 / 0.034/ 0.038 W/mk
  • Duct Insulation
  • Chilled Water & hot water Application
  • Floor & Wall Insulation
  • Underdeck / over deck & Roof Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Wall Insulation

1.2 Acco Isolate Acoustic Insulation

Product Details:

Oxide Acetate Foam is chemically cross link Oxide accetate foam. AccoIsolate is an open cell structure Acoustic Insulation utilize for large acoustic application.

Densities (Kg/M3) 30 to 60
Cell structure Open Cell, Cross linked, Stress Crack resistant
Physical Appearance One side Open Cell, Soft, Flexible and Glossy
Thicknesses in (mm) 10,15,25,35
Temperature Range -70 Deg C to 100 Deg C
Thermal Conductivity 0.029 W/ mk at 0 Deg C
  • AC Ducting
  • D.G. Looms
  • Building and Wall Partitions

1.3 Oxide Acetate Sheets & Tubings

Product Details:

It is cross linked closed cell Oxide acetate foam used for thermal Insulation in AC ducting, Chilled water pipe, under deck/ over deck in RCC Roofing and metallic roofing This is UV resistive product also has Class “o” fire properties as per BS 476 part 6 material is also offered with factory laminated glass cloth and pure aluminum foil to give higher mechanical strength to the product.

Densities (Kg/M3) 30 +/- 3
Cell structure Closed Cell, Cross linked, Stress Crack resistant
Physical Appearance Soft, Flexible and Glossy
Thicknesses in (mm) 6,9,13,19,25,32 (Tubes and Sheet )
Temperature Range -70 Deg C to 100 Deg C
Thermal Conductivity 0.029 W/ mk at 0 Deg C
  • Duct Insulation
  • Chilled Water & hot water Application
  • Floor & Wall Insulation
  • Underdeck / Roof Insulation

2 Elastomeric Rubber Insulation

Product Details:

Elestomeric Rubber are Polymer with viscoelasticity.

Elastomeric Nitrile Rubber ( NBR) is copolymer of acrylo-nitrile and butadiene. Nitrile Rubber is oil Resistant synthetic rubber. Its Physical and Chemical Property vary with different composition of Nitrile Polymer’s.

NBR is made in Hydrogenated version that is highly resistant to thermal and oxidative deterioration and remains flexible at lower Temp.

2.1 Nitrile Rubber Sheets & Tubing's

Product Details:

Elastomeric foam Insulation material manufactured from Nitrile Rubber in Preformed tubing and sheet. Nitrile Rubber insulation shows various properties due to its close cell and open cell structure. Closed cell Nitrile Rubber insulation has good thermal property while open cell structure provide good acoustic properties. It can be bifurcated in Class “O” and Class “1” on the basis of its fire resistance properties.

Densities (Kg/M3) 40-60
Thermal Conductivity 0.038 at ambient
Thicknesses in (mm) 6,9,13,19,25, 32
Pipes diameter from (¼” )6 mm to (4 ¼”) 108 mm (tube length 2 Mt)
Temperature Range – 40 Deg C to +105 Deg C
  • Insulation of Chilled water Piping
  • HVAC : Duct Insulation, Air Conditioning copper pipe insulation
  • Hot Water Pipe Lines ( Plumbing / Solar )
  • Refrigeration Cold storage Insulation
  • Under Deck Insulation

2.1.1 Accosound

Product Details:

Accosound is blended elastomeric Nitrile rubber open cell structure acoustic insulation foam with complex pore geometry for effective absorption of sound across broad range of frequencies.

Its high density provides effective barrier to sound transmission. (EPA Approved anti-microbial agent).

Densities (Kg/M3) 200 (+ or – 10% )
Thicknesses in (mm) 10, 12, 15 ,20,25,30
Temperature Range – 40 Deg C to +105 Deg C
  • Industry : Generator, Canopies, Engines,Air Handling Units,Wall Acoustic, Printing And Metal Handeling Machineries, Pipelines.
  • Commercial Buildings : Lifts, Motor Room, Office Partition, Floting Floors, Recording Rooms, Studios, Auditoriums, Multiplexes and Cinema Hall.
  • Health Care : Audiometric Rooms.

2.1.2 Accofoam

Product Details:

Accofoam is a thermo acoustic convoluted elastomeric Nitrile foam material provides superior sound absorption for low and mid frequency range. Its convoluted shape increase the absorptive surface area and it entraps and deflects sound waves efficiently.

Accofoam is an excellent choice for fire safe, flexible, light weight , high performance noise absorption material is required.

Densities (Kg/M3) 50
Thermal Conductivity ≤ 0.036 W/mk @ 20 Deg C
Thicknesses in (mm) 9, 12, 15, 19 , 25
Fire Safety Class “O”
  • Acoustic duct lining.
  • Air handeling unit.
  • Acoustic panel.
  • Speaker box acoustic lining.
  • Enclousers and canopy of factories.
  • Machinery, Fans, Generator, Engines and Compressors.
  • Audiometric Rooms, Air Conditioning & Ventilations.
  • Auditoriums, Wall Acoustic, Multiplexes, Rocording Rooms, studios, Cinema halls, Office Partition, Home Theater.

3 EPDM Rubber Sheets & Tubing's

Product Details:

Closed cell elastomeric foam insulation material manufactured from EPDM rubber in preformed tubing and sheet. It has low thermal conductivity and high water vapour diffusion resistance. It is free from HCFC and CFC. It is fiber free material and it ensures to save energy in eco friendly manner.

Densities (Kg/M3) 50 to 70
Thicknesses in (mm) 6,9,13,19,25, 32
Pipe Diameter (¼” ) 6 mm to (4 ¼”) 108 mm (tube length 2 Mt)
Temperature Range – 50 Deg C to +125 Deg C
Thermal Conductivity Varies from 0.031 to 0.037 at different temp.
  • Automobiles
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Hotel/ Hospital
  • Cold Storage Industry

Product Details:

MTS is a kind of sound insulation rubber sheet with outstanding chemical, sound insulation property and vibration damping property.

Standard Size : 2 mm X 1000 mm X 10 mm
  • Housing Equipment
  • Computers
  • Home Appliances
  • Automobiles
  • Construction Machine
  • Agricultural Machine
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Fiber Free
  • Excellent Sound Insulation Effect : Reduce drainage noise due to two layer structure of sound insulation and sound absorbing material
  • Super Silent
  • Easy to Installation
  • High Performance
  • Superior Sound Insulation Property
  • Applicable to bent area because of Flexibility Sheet

Flexible Foam Insulation for High Performance and Five Star Protection

Sheth Insulations Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of flexible foam insulations for high performance and supreme protection. The flexible nitrile insulation provides excellent protection and safeguards pipework projects against condensation. It also provides reliable protection against energy loss. Our flexible closed cell elastomeric insulation has great demand in the market and some of the leading industrialists and brands across the world are our clients.

We are one of the best cold insulation distributors in India. Our friendly, professional and well-trained customer care team is here to help you pick the right insulation materials for your buildings of commercial and domestic significance. Acco isolate acoustic insulation is soundproof insulation. It is suitable for walls, ceilings and floors. We have supreme quality and high-performance insulations for all types of building applications. Nitrile rubber insulation is extremely flexible and is designed to insulate a range of property types.

Sheth Insulations Pvt Ltd has acquired a name for itself as the more reliable insulation dealers in India. We supply high-quality insulation products to various parts of our country and abroad. We are committed to providing high-quality products affordable to all our clients.